Having the correct implementation of your ERP involves installing the proper software, configuring the process with your users, switching your financial data to the new system, and training your users who will use the software. You want to take the guesswork out of this process by working with CloudServices Solutions. We can set you up with a cost-effective ERP system with strategic solutions to ensure you have improved efficiency.

What is an ERP System?

Before you begin looking at your ERP system and its implementation process, you want to make sure you choose the right software for your business. You are looking for an end result of a streamlined operation that is easy to use and provides you a real-time view of your business whenever and wherever you decide to access it.

You also want the right ERP system technology that will secure your platform, yet still adaptable to your business’s ever-changing needs. Once you’ve established the ERP system for your company’s needs, discover what type of implementation project it will take.

The Different Types of Implementation Project for ERP System 

There are three different types of implementation projects for ERP system, which include:

  • Express project is the functional process right out-of-the-box. These are used for businesses that do not have a complicated process and are not going to require add-on solutions for their system. 
  • Standard implementation projects will require minimal amounts of customizations with some add-on solutions, such as language and currency.
  • Advanced implementation projects are for businesses with various locations within their structure, use multiple currencies and languages. The advanced projects for implementation will range from moderate to complex. 

With any ERP implementation, your business should concentrate on Project Management as it’s key to success.

Project Management and Your ERP Implementation

The project management for ERP system consists of applying tools, skills, techniques, and knowledge to manage your activities intended to meet the objectives of the project. This management is about comparing the original plan to the progress made and updating the plan when necessary. You will want a project management team to guide your project from it’s beginning to its end.

Implementing a new ERP system is a significant undertaking, and the decision should not be made lightly. Your project management team should include people from your organization who will work most closely with ERP technology and use it most often. When you transition from your old system to the new ERP system, you will want those who have the most to gain from it motivated as they anticipate the results.

Stages of the ERP Implementation 

When you have the right project management team assembled and have contacted the experts at CloudServices Solutions, your ERP system’s stages can begin to be implemented.

  • Discovery is the first stage and includes the process of defining your vision, needs, and scope of the project. This stage also includes receiving the commitment from you to continue. 
  • Planning and monitoring come as the next stage where a strategy is developed for completing the work. This stage creates a means to measure the progress and take action when and where needed.
  • Analyzing is the next stage and is where a more detailed discovery is performed to gather exact requirements regarding your business needs. 
  • Building in the process stage is the carrying out of tasks that have been identified.
  • Stabilizing will be the stage where a solution has been created to meet the requirements. 
  • Deploying is the stage where a solution is implemented in the production environment.
  • Post-Go-Live is the final stage in which all processes are in place to support you and your project management team through the project closure. 

CloudServices Solutions will ensure you and your project management team have the resources, tools, and methodology to implement your ERP system. Working with us will provide the desired functionality, flexibility, and usability by your end-users. Let us help you take the guesswork out of your ERP system implementation and show you how peaceful and easy this process can work.