When you upgrade or implement an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, it is an investment. This system is an effort that begins with strategically planning and extends into the implementation of the process and beyond. ERP systems help you realize your business’s value and improve your company’s performance while sustaining compliance under the post-Sarbanes-Oxley, Base II. There are other regulatory mandates your company must follow, so to utilize your ERP software’s full functionality, you should seek the consult of an ERP advisor firm.

What is an ERP Advisor Firm?

When you are implementing and designing your ERP system, you want a balance across these four dimensions:

  • Risk and controls
  • Process optimization
  • Organization and people
  • Technology

An ERP advisor firm will address these issues and help improve your company’s return on the ERP software system’s application investment. You receive objective advice not influenced by the software’s assimilation vendors, business process outsourcers, solutions vendors, and receive a more comprehensive approach to the implementation of the software’s lifecycle.

What Services Can You Expect From an ERP Advisor Firm?

When you work with an ERP advisor firm, you can expect support and guidance with the ERP software system’s total lifecycle. This support will help you navigate each stage of your ERP project, and assist with ways to maximize your potential business value. This service can also help you understand deep ERP applications regarding business process and control experience and enable you to use your system’s applications to:

  • Leverage the functionality of your ERP for better optimization of business performance and processes
  • Provide you with accurate, timely information to improve your business decision making
  • Enhance regulatory compliance as well as focus on cost reduction 
  • Improve your business’s risk management
  • Guide you to make sure the implementation is managed and planned well

There are numerous professional services you can expect from an ERP advisor firm to cover all aspects of your ERP implementation life cycle. These are some of those services:

  • Control design, business process, and integration
  • Vendor selection to help with your software
  • Choosing service providers
  • Strategy development of ERP system
  • Implementation and system setup
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Strategies for data management
  • Identify management and security
  • Segregation of duties, user access, and design
  • Stabilization of implementation
  • Much more

Why Choose CloudServices Solutions as Your ERP Advisor Firm?

CloudServices Solutions has been a trusted ERP expert for more than twenty years. We use the ten-step plan to guide you through building and implementing your Cloud ERP systems that promises you a successful ERP rollout. Our system for integrating ERP cloud solutions is one of the top in the industry for saving you money and time.

CloudServices Solutions as your ERP advisor firm will guarantee you support at any stage of the process. We are with you from the investigation process right through to implementation and support. Our experienced, trained staff is ready to begin setting up your new system today.