“One of the things that makes a great advisory company is you are not always speaking, you are listening more than you are speaking to your customers”

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation is a significant step for any enterprise. The increase in demand for cloud deployments of ERPs are not surprising, due to its cost effectiveness, timesaving, scalability, and ease of updates. That being said, Cloud ERP solutions can help firms of all sizes in supporting and coordinating critical business processes. Cloud ERP provides a company’s servers, storage facilities, applications, services network to access a greater variety of information technology resources. However, the implementation of cloud ERP systems is not straightforward, and significant issues can occur when launching cloud ERP initiatives such as time slippage, over-running expenses, poor quality, and frustrated users. As a result, many companies are unable to find a suitable ERP solution that is both affordable and adds value to their unique business processes and goals. This is where Cloud Services Solutions (CSS) can assist companies with over 20 years of experience and a focus on trending market strategies. The company provides end-to-end strategic consulting services that allow government agencies, higher education institutions, and commercial businesses to implement cost-effective cloud ERP solutions and measurably improve the performance and capabilities of their resources and business processes.